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scorned_ones's Journal

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Even The Mighty Have Fallen ....
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Love, pain, sadness darkness
Even the strong shall fall
Your mind spinning in the cold
Emptiness in your heart.
You look up into your guiding light
...not there
Shadows surround you
Your heart shatters into the snow
Crying, empty tears fall down your face
Your mind clutterd, full of lies
Nothing exsists...
Confusion, emptiness..... fear
Thats all thats seen
You find yourself questioning
Why? Why me ?
Spin, spin, fall to the floor
You poor frail little angel...
Still looking for your guiding light ......

~This is a community for all who have found themselves fallen. For all who can't seem to find that guiding light that we all so desperately search for. This is a place where we can all lean on one another for support, a kind word, or perhaps just a bit of solace in this cruel world. A place to rant without worrying what others will say/think. Come, my child ... and rest under my wing .... for you are not alone.~

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