broken_epitome (broken_epitome) wrote in scorned_ones,


A place to rest my head
   so quietly under ground
I'm looking for an end
   an end that can't be found.

I'm tired of all the pain
   that I must face each day
having no one here to help me
   to help me find my way.

I try to hold my breath
   and pop a vessel in my brain
something not quite obvious
   not quite obvious for my pain.

I pray to God to end it all
   and put my soul to rest
he can send me straight to hell
   to hell is my request.

Nothing can be as bad as this
   not knives, not guns, not fire
Stab me, shoot me, burn me
   burn me till I retire.

I'll show her a world of guilt
   that lying no good whore
yes I'll show that stupid bitch
   bitch clean my brains off your floor.
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