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Some Good News.....

Well its been a couple of days since ive written in here i think. Just to update everyone that girl that i was talking about called me yesterday..Twice!!!.....Lol..My friend Miguel gave her my number after i told him to give it to her on the weekend not the same fucking day. She seems cool and all and we talked for a lil over an hour. Shes 17 and shell be 18 in feb. Her name is Lilly ( ha christina see i got her I think thats how it is spelled. Im not sure. She lives in Manhattan. She just seems really cool but to early to tell whether i want to be with her ina relationship wise. The only bad part is that she likes the backstreet boys. But she is into all types of music. She likes Nickelback. But she thinks that Slipknot is devil music which i dont see how the fuck she can say that. Oh well people have their own opinion and they are entitled to it. I have her number but i probably wont be able to call her til next week cause im going to Long Island. Ill ask her out sooner or later. Well i must go now.... I skipped school yet again. I got to stop that....see ya
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