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My New Years........

Well i must say it was better than last years. Any New Years can be better than being with someone that broke up with you...Blah....Anways.. I didnt get all that drunk. I wasnt drunk of my ass. I did wake up with a slight headache and my my body aching but thats it. I watched Mtv til the ball dropped and the time struck midnight. Sum 41 did a kick ass cover of "How you remind me" by Nickelback. Then after midnight P.O.D. sang "Youth of the Nation"....It was all good.. It reminded me of when it turned 99 and Billie Joe Armstrong sang "Time of your Life" drunk..I downloaded it so i can get a good laugh once again. It was funny. Anways i hope everyone had a kick ass New Years. I must get going now because i kinda just remembered i have school tomorrow....Ick!!!... I thought it was thursday. Oh well.... I must get my notebook ready and shit.

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