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The good and the bad...........

Well i would say its been a couple of days since ive written on here and i must say some cool shit has happened to me since the last entrie. First off i must say i miss not using my fucking computer. I realize that i must get if fixed. But that would now mean i will have to make that hour and a half bus trip to the place. Blah..... Anyway i guess i should start with the bad. I dont think its bad but i put it as bad anyway. On wednesday night me and my brother and two friends were almost arrested....Not to mention it was for stupid fucking shit that still has me pissed of a lil. It started at around 9pm. Me and my bro went to Bushwick to pick up two of our friends to go find out where another friend lived. Well me and my brother decided to wear all black and our new trenchcoats (which i love and hey i look good in black). Well we pick up our first friend. On our way into the projects and into our other friends building we notice that we are being followed by 4 cops. We go to the second floor to knock on my friends door and we see them entering the building. Now we paid no mind to it ( and why should we?)... Well we get our friend and we go outside to make the walk to the bus stop under Flushing Ave train station. Two blocks away from the train station a white fucking car runs up on the fucking sidewalk, almost hits us and the 4 fucking asshole cops jump out of the car. They were all screaming get your fucking hands out of your pocket and put them in the air. Then they push into a fucking gate and without telling us why they begin to search us. One fucking cop grabbed my bros crotch (which hes still mad While searching us they are asking us do we have any fire arms?? are they for real??...... After they search us they then ask us why we are out so late? not that it is any of their fucking business but its only 10pm by that time and whats it to them? They then ask for id which none of us had because geez this is bushwick and we are white and we can get Well we gave them our addresses and shit. They told us that someone called them and they were looking for two white males with trenchcoats carrying firearms..Now i had to fucking laugh and open my big mouth. I told them "Nice Description"...they didnt have any other description..What a fucking description.... 2 white males with trenchcoats.. One cop was like dont get smart with me and i was like ok whatever... Then my brother opened his mouth as well and one of the cops said oh do you feel wrongfully accused and he said uh yeah!!!..... They kept us there for like 15 more minutes asking us if we do drugs and if we are trying to invade on some gangs turf and shit....When i got home i couldnt help but laugh my ass off. It was a wonderful experience. My brother was like im gonna call them and send them out looking for 2 black males wearing north faces and carrying firearms. They will pull over every other person in that neighborhood cause thats all they wear in there. Well on to some good stuff. First off i went to staten island on friday to hot topic to buy more clothes. i also bought two cds and 4 more movies. On this trip there, one of my friends brought his girlfriend and her girlfriend brought a friend. And i must say she was hot and i couldnt stop staring at her. I think she stared alot too. Atleast i think. i know when i didnt go into a store she stood outside with me. And when i said i kinda liked a girl that worked in hot topic she was willing to go in there and get her number for Shes cool. She even gave me this chain with a petagram pendand on it.. She found it near the staten island ferry. Ricardo over heard her talking to a boy which makes me wonder if she has a boyfriend. I hope not. Im gonna find out probably tomorrow when i tell my friend Miguel to ask his girlfriend if her friend is seeing someone. If not im gonna try and get myself a date with her. I dont even know her Thats not good but its not like we talked or anything. Just briefly every now and then and thats it. Well enough of my blabbering. Im gonna get going now. So until my next entry
See Ya
Peace Love Empathy
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