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My Christmas..........

I just want to say that this is gonna take me a while to write because i just finished taking glass out of my pointer and it hurts like hell. And the funny thing is i got it by putting away a table. blah. I might as well put what i got for x mas here.....

1. 350$
2. Trench Coat
3. 20$ certificate for tower records (im gonna buy puddle of mudd "come clean" cd)
4. Movies - The Labyrinth, Dead Poets Society, Breakfast Club, The Goonies, The Craft, Halloween, Childs Play, High Fidelity, The Craft, Saving Silverman, Dracula 2000, Blair Witch, Dangerous Liaisons, and i think thats all of them.
5. 4 plain black shirts (need to have something other than my rock tees.
6. Scott Cunningham "Wicca : a guide for the solitary practicioner (blah i cant spell)
7. 50$ phone card for my cell
8. Lots of batteries
9. Great friends that care
10. and 11 beers ( im on my 12th and still going strong..Yeah!!!)

And thats all i got i think. Well i actually didnt think about Heather alot today. I thought i would but i didnt. I thought about other things like whats in store for me next year and shit like that. Im getting my permit for sure next month. I just have to pass the test. Well im gonna get going now cause i have to be up early tomorrow cause i have to get a check cashed and i have to give it to my aunt at 7:30am.

See Ya
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