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untitled [12 Oct 2005|12:51am]

A place to rest my head
   so quietly under ground
I'm looking for an end
   an end that can't be found.

I'm tired of all the pain
   that I must face each day
having no one here to help me
   to help me find my way.

I try to hold my breath
   and pop a vessel in my brain
something not quite obvious
   not quite obvious for my pain.

I pray to God to end it all
   and put my soul to rest
he can send me straight to hell
   to hell is my request.

Nothing can be as bad as this
   not knives, not guns, not fire
Stab me, shoot me, burn me
   burn me till I retire.

I'll show her a world of guilt
   that lying no good whore
yes I'll show that stupid bitch
   bitch clean my brains off your floor.
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I need friends... [18 Mar 2004|11:50am]
[ mood | sad ]

I am most certain I can relate to the majority of the members of this community, and I am pretty sure you can relate to what I write. I need friends, so please add me and I will add you back. (Most of my entries are friends only)

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* DIMENSIONS * New Club in NYC area - Gothic, Industrial, Synth, EBM, Darkwave, [10 Oct 2003|02:20pm]


Every Other Friday Night Starting Oct 17th.
Hosted by Lions Lair
@ 661 Bay St. Staten Island, NY.
Email: Dimensions@ImABadLittleBoy.com

DJ Lost spinning a Mix of Gothic, Industrial, SynthPop, EBM, Dark Wave, New Wave, Doom Metal, Etc.....

Doors open at 10pm, party goes on until 3:30am

18 to party, 21 to Travel to other Dimensions
Vaild ID a MUST

7$ Cover, 5$ w/ flyer

Drink Specials changing all Night.2$ drafts,2$ shots,3$ Cosmos,etc

8 TVs on all night. Showing everything from old Horror flicks to B&W Betty Page movies.

Living Dead Dolls and other raffles going on all night

Directions To Dimensions(Lions Lair):

Coming from over the Verrazano bridge by Car:
Take Bay St exit, turn right on School Road, turn left onto bay street, bay all the way down to the bar. Corner of Bay St And Thompson St.

Coming from over the Verrazano bridge by Bus:
When coming across on the 53,get off the bus right over bridge on Lilly Pond Road, transfer to the 51 going twards the St George Ferry. The 51 stops on bay street in Directly in front of the bar. Corner of Bay St And Thompson St.

Coming from over either NJ bridge:
Take i-278 east, exit at clove road, go forward for two lights, at second light make a left onto Targee St, take Targee St down to Broad St, make a right onto Broad St, Broad Street ends at Bay St, left onto Bay St, bar one block down on right of street. Corner of Bay St And Thompson St.

Public Trans coming from Manhattan:
Coming over the Staten Island Ferry, take the 76 or the 51 leaving the ferry. Both buses stop right across the street from the Bar. Corner of Bay St And Thompson St.
You can also take a cab right from the Ferry to the Bar for only 4$.
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[06 Aug 2002|02:21am]

ok, I'm advertizing meh friend's webzine....she rocks, and if I'm not a member of the staff, I will be soon, hopefully
so please, go here, check it out..let me know what you think

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Tired, Bored, Lonely, Depressed, and yeah pissed off.... [29 Jan 2002|03:11pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Thats correct.... I was suppose to update yesterday but studying called in to action last night because i had a test today. Blah... Im not even sure i fucking passed and i dont even care anymore... I want this semester to finish so badly. That explains the tiredness... As for boredom it kinda fits into play with a lil depression and the lonliness. Since the chance of me and Lily ever getting together anymore i have been bored out of my fucking mind as well as lonely and depressed.. Im just lonely cause i dont talk to her anymore nor see her...She was suppose to call me yesterday but funny how she didnt... Its not gonna be the same now that she has determined that she only sees me as a best friend and not anything more...Bah!!!!... I got that whole we gotta talk deal on Sunday... She then went on to say that im a sweet guy but she only sees me as like a best friend instead of something more...Gee i feel as though i got my head fucked with.. I mean shit i dont see myself kissing a friend the way i kissed her..So much feeling went into those... more than friend feelings. I liked her and i wanted to be with her. But i didnt want to ask her until i atleast went out with her ALONE!!! once... But no!!!!.... She had given me a dog tag with her name on it and shit. We would talk about oh what do you look for in a girl and blah blah blah...All the stuff that would lead me to believe that she wanted to be with me and was just waiting for me to ask her out.. Well FUCK!!! TO LATE NOW!!!!...... Anthony is always on the recieving end of the breakups and what have you... Im so fed up with it that i just dont want to get close to anyone anymore. Everytime i do BOOM!!! I get hurt. Im just gonna take the initiative from now on...Ill be doing the breaking up. Im tired of this shit... Actually i cant do that cause i know how it FUCKING FEELS!!!..... Im to fucking kind hearted to do that shit....But does anyone see this??? Nopers... And now that i see that Valentines Day is coming that just makes it a lil bit more worse.... Y know what fuck depressed... Im just a tad bit more angry then that... So lets just cross out Depressed up there... All this and more... Thats the story of my fucking life. Maybe i should write a book....Ill call it "The Story Of A Lonely Guy"... Itll be good i think... From my fucked up child hood, to me teens (whoo hoo!!!) , to my fucked up love life, to my future... Blah fucking Blah.... I noticed that when im pissed i curse alot...Its good to get it out in the open then keeping it inside...I feel a lil bit better...Well enough of my Bitching in gonna head off now..

Eveyone please have a Whoopie Fucking Do Da Day (im not even sure if its spelled right...oh well)

Does Anyone even write in here anymore????

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wooo i'm in a great mood [14 Jan 2002|02:01am]

[ mood | giddy ]

i spent today with my boyfriend. it was fun. we had lasagna for dinner. i am trying to be on a diet. not a fat free one but i am cutting down on food. eating smaller portions and exercising like crazy. i have been doing richard simmons tapes. my friends all laughed at me but i lost about 7 pounds now. and its only been like 2 weeks and plus i wuit it for a couple days so im pretty confident about it. i don;t want to be skinny i know i never will be i just want to be about the size i was in 8th grade. yup!

hope everyone has a good day =)

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[12 Jan 2002|06:09pm]

i stole this from druidess


1. Age: 15
2. Birthday: Nov 23
3. Astrological Sign: Sagitarius
4. Height: 5 foot
5. Beeper: nope
6. Cell Phone: nope . i be poor foo
7. Siblings: none!
8. Pets: boo, hairy, kinky, and the mutt

..|All About Pathetic Me|..

1. Have You Ever Smoked: yeah
2. a)Ever Do Drugs: once b) Ever Drank: yes
4. Do You Like Yourself: rarely
5. Piercings: just ears
6. Are You Popular: *shrug* =<
7. Daring or Shy: shy around people i don't know
8. Smart or Stupid: i'm a genius damnit
9. Serious or Silly: depends on what mood im in
10. You Crack The Jokes Or You Laugh At Them: usually laugh at them because im not funny oh and matt ruins all my jokes damnit
11. Secret Talent: i can make my stomache rolls look like they are talking!
12. What Sets You Off: condesending people, meanies
13. Your Best Feature: people have said my personality, but i like my eyes
14. Your Worst Feature: all my blubber..theres lots
15. Ever Shoplift: yeah, but then all my friends got caught so i stopped. (i'm a chicken shit)
16. Ever Think About Suicide: everyone does. [like the move, you live. miss the train, kill yourself]
17. Song & Movie Best Describing You: song - Linkin Park * With You..Movie- Girl Interuppted
18. Habits: biting my nails, eating too much
19. Collections: mushroom shit, snapple element bottles (fire broke), candles
20. Anything You Want People To Know: just because i smile doesn't mean i like you

..|Girls Only|..

1. Cup Size: needs to be smaller
2. Wear Make-up: when i have time or remmeber, when i wanna look bang bang bootylicious


1. Movie: The Skulls, Jawbreaker, Night at the Roxbury
2. TV Show: pulp comics,daily show, SNL (anything comical)
3. Cartoon: sponge bob!
4. Disney Movie: lion king (hehe matt)
5. Book: Carrie
6. Magazine: Jane, Fitness, teeny bopper mags (not the ones with the pix ones like YM etc)
7. Soap Opera: don't watch any
8. Actor: John Stewart, Ben Stiller
9. Actress: Rose McGowan, Alicia Silverstone
10. Group: Linkin Park, Ozzy
11. Singer: well its not a singer but i really like destiny's child's voices
12. Song: Linkin Park-A place for my head, Crazytown-Lollypop porn
13. Type Of Music: anything but country or classical..too much pop/rap will drive me crazy
14. Radio Station: wber 90.5, the zone is ok but they r stuck up and cheesy
15. Outfit: when my butt gets smaller, my glitter camo pants, black polo tee, converse old school dr. jays (WOO)
16. Shampoo/Conditioner: infusium 23 or herbal essences..or the knock off suave kind
17. Meal: pizza, anything pasta i'm a carb. junkie
18. Dessert: pumpkin pie, anything with crunchy chocolate or peanut butter things in it.
19. Chips: those new BBQ doritos. MMMM! or salt and vinegar of course!
20. Salad Dressing: ranch or the ceasar from wendy's..italian
21. Color: pink or black or blue
22. Number: 69 & 22
23. Letter: F
24. Sport: badmitton. haha its great. ice skating too
25. Past time: too many
26. Place: in a bubble bath, in matt's arms
27. Memory: when i was little i would play board games with my land lady, waking up next to the person u love.
28. Day (Like if u could relive any day which day): the day we popped the pools..i would relive it and change it.
29. Feeling: GLEEFULNESS..seriously it motivates me to excersize and clean and do lots of things.
30. Worst Feeling: desolate, fat

..|Social Life|..

1. Absolute Best Friends: probably Melinda even though i'm not hers. Rob
2. Good Friend(s): Matt my baby, elyse, joelle, ellie, ashley, sara
3. Nicknames For Friends: joelle: grassy jojo, super slut, trippy...Elyse:lyserz, marshmallow..melinda:minya, meli belli, min, mindy etc etc
4. Who Do You Usually Hang Out With: Matt..
5. What Do You Do On The Weekends: hang out with matt, sleep
6. School Related Activities(sports, clubs): homework..lol..theres a first time for everything
7. Talk With The Most On The Phone: melinda
8. Do You Have Alot Of Friends: not many at all
9. Any Enemies: yes! ERIN shes evil
10. Goal For The Year: lose weight, fit into pants
11. Do Most People Like You: I'd like to think so..but no probly not
12. Last Movie You Saw: at the movies? heartbreakers.
13. What did you do yesterday: slept, sex, snuggled, argued
14. What are you doing/did you do today: the chris brown expirience..lol


1. Looks Or Personality: personality
2. Are You The Breaker Upper Or Breakee: i've been both
3. How Many Relationships Have You Had: well relationship meaning gone out with..i guess about 7.
4. Best Relationship: the one i am in right now
5. Worst Relationship: blah
6. Farthest Base: heh..*chuckle*
7. Do You Believe In "Love At First Sight": nope. "lust at first site"maybe
8. Are You A Romantic: i try to be!
9. What Do You Go For In A Guy/Girl(physically): hands, eyes
10. What Do You Go For In A Guy/Girl(personality): kindness, sense of humour, imagination, fun
11. First Thing You Notice In A Guy/Girl: there eyes and eyebrows.
12. What Melts Your Heart: i'm not telling
13. Your Guy/Girl Has Got To...: daring and kind and sweet and smart and sexy
14. Dream Date: me matt gavin and gwen gettin it on. YES!!
15. Ever Date Someone Just For Something(includes gifts, anything sexual, etc.): don't believe so
16. Age You'd Have Sex: now?
17. Do You Like Someone(s): i LOVE soemone
18. Whom do you like: MATT and i wann bang danielle but shh don't tell
19. Anyone Like You: nope, well matt does. thats all =)
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i'm really not an idiot [12 Jan 2002|05:58am]

[ mood | amused ]

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[12 Jan 2002|02:50am]

[ mood | worried ]

i need to figure out some stuff to get matt for his b-day and valentines day but i have like no clue at all. because he can just burn cd's and movies..so i can't get him either of those. hes not a girl so i can't get him a stuffed animal or something lol. pleeeeaaasseee if you have any ideas tell me! =) okay?

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Some Good News..... [10 Jan 2002|10:26am]

[ mood | happy ]

Well its been a couple of days since ive written in here i think. Just to update everyone that girl that i was talking about called me yesterday..Twice!!!.....Lol..My friend Miguel gave her my number after i told him to give it to her on the weekend not the same fucking day. She seems cool and all and we talked for a lil over an hour. Shes 17 and shell be 18 in feb. Her name is Lilly ( ha christina see i got her name.lol)...... I think thats how it is spelled. Im not sure. She lives in Manhattan. She just seems really cool but to early to tell whether i want to be with her ina relationship wise. The only bad part is that she likes the backstreet boys. But she is into all types of music. She likes Nickelback. But she thinks that Slipknot is devil music which i dont see how the fuck she can say that. Oh well people have their own opinion and they are entitled to it. I have her number but i probably wont be able to call her til next week cause im going to Long Island. Ill ask her out sooner or later. Well i must go now.... I skipped school yet again. I got to stop that....see ya

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Awesomeness...... [06 Jan 2002|05:44pm]

[ mood | Blah ]


I'm a shy, sensitive punk rocker, the most artistic of them all. I'm Kurt Cobain!
Click here to find out which Nirvana grunge rocker you are!

Hmmmmm, Shy, Sensitive, Punk Rocker, that pretty much sums me up dont you think so? lol.... Awesomenesss.. Well im going back to my grandmas so no more updates for a week i guess.. Unless i go to the library so get my computer fixed soon. But i know i am not posting nothing over the weekend cause ill be out in long island. I wanna go to Hot Topic out there..Nothing for nothing but they have more of a selection since its bigger than the one in Staten Island. But im not putting down that one cause the people that work there are very cool. Well see ya

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My New Years........ [01 Jan 2002|01:17pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Well i must say it was better than last years. Any New Years can be better than being with someone that broke up with you...Blah....Anways.. I didnt get all that drunk. I wasnt drunk of my ass. I did wake up with a slight headache and my my body aching but thats it. I watched Mtv til the ball dropped and the time struck midnight. Sum 41 did a kick ass cover of "How you remind me" by Nickelback. Then after midnight P.O.D. sang "Youth of the Nation"....It was all good.. It reminded me of when it turned 99 and Billie Joe Armstrong sang "Time of your Life" drunk..I downloaded it so i can get a good laugh once again. It was funny. Anways i hope everyone had a kick ass New Years. I must get going now because i kinda just remembered i have school tomorrow....Ick!!!... I thought it was thursday. Oh well.... I must get my notebook ready and shit.


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[31 Dec 2001|05:50pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Well im off to my dads house to spend New Years with him for a lil. And the only reason why im going is because my aunt and grandma doesnt want to go there alone. So im off to the rescue. Not to mention booze galore.lol... Im gonna get fucking drunk of my ass tonight. Oh yes its true its true. I also wanna buy a movie probably tomorrow. I want to get "Crazy Beautiful" with Kristen Dunst.....Ive seen it 3 times today so far and its a good movie. Im also hanging with my friend tomorrow so i will finally know the girls name and whether she has a boyfriend ( Ha christina.... Then we will both know our interests names...lol... and ill think positive on this one for you ok? )...... Well im off


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The good and the bad........... [30 Dec 2001|11:44pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Well i would say its been a couple of days since ive written on here and i must say some cool shit has happened to me since the last entrie. First off i must say i miss not using my fucking computer. I realize that i must get if fixed. But that would now mean i will have to make that hour and a half bus trip to the place. Blah..... Anyway i guess i should start with the bad. I dont think its bad but i put it as bad anyway. On wednesday night me and my brother and two friends were almost arrested....Not to mention it was for stupid fucking shit that still has me pissed of a lil. It started at around 9pm. Me and my bro went to Bushwick to pick up two of our friends to go find out where another friend lived. Well me and my brother decided to wear all black and our new trenchcoats (which i love and hey i look good in black). Well we pick up our first friend. On our way into the projects and into our other friends building we notice that we are being followed by 4 cops. We go to the second floor to knock on my friends door and we see them entering the building. Now we paid no mind to it ( and why should we?)... Well we get our friend and we go outside to make the walk to the bus stop under Flushing Ave train station. Two blocks away from the train station a white fucking car runs up on the fucking sidewalk, almost hits us and the 4 fucking asshole cops jump out of the car. They were all screaming get your fucking hands out of your pocket and put them in the air. Then they push into a fucking gate and without telling us why they begin to search us. One fucking cop grabbed my bros crotch (which hes still mad about....lol).... While searching us they are asking us do we have any fire arms.....fire arms?? are they for real??...... After they search us they then ask us why we are out so late? not that it is any of their fucking business but its only 10pm by that time and whats it to them? They then ask for id which none of us had because geez this is bushwick and we are white and we can get mugged....lol..... Well we gave them our addresses and shit. They told us that someone called them and they were looking for two white males with trenchcoats carrying firearms..Now i had to fucking laugh and open my big mouth. I told them "Nice Description"...they didnt have any other description..What a fucking description.... 2 white males with trenchcoats.. One cop was like dont get smart with me and i was like ok whatever... Then my brother opened his mouth as well and one of the cops said oh do you feel wrongfully accused and he said uh yeah!!!..... They kept us there for like 15 more minutes asking us if we do drugs and if we are trying to invade on some gangs turf and shit....When i got home i couldnt help but laugh my ass off. It was a wonderful experience. My brother was like im gonna call them and send them out looking for 2 black males wearing north faces and carrying firearms. They will pull over every other person in that neighborhood cause thats all they wear in there. Well on to some good stuff. First off i went to staten island on friday to hot topic to buy more clothes. i also bought two cds and 4 more movies. On this trip there, one of my friends brought his girlfriend and her girlfriend brought a friend. And i must say she was hot and i couldnt stop staring at her. I think she stared alot too. Atleast i think. i know when i didnt go into a store she stood outside with me. And when i said i kinda liked a girl that worked in hot topic she was willing to go in there and get her number for me...lol.. Shes cool. She even gave me this chain with a petagram pendand on it.. She found it near the staten island ferry. Ricardo over heard her talking to a boy which makes me wonder if she has a boyfriend. I hope not. Im gonna find out probably tomorrow when i tell my friend Miguel to ask his girlfriend if her friend is seeing someone. If not im gonna try and get myself a date with her. I dont even know her name..lol.. Thats not good but its not like we talked or anything. Just briefly every now and then and thats it. Well enough of my blabbering. Im gonna get going now. So until my next entry
See Ya
Peace Love Empathy

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My Christmas.......... [25 Dec 2001|10:25pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

I just want to say that this is gonna take me a while to write because i just finished taking glass out of my pointer and it hurts like hell. And the funny thing is i got it by putting away a table. blah. I might as well put what i got for x mas here.....

1. 350$
2. Trench Coat
3. 20$ certificate for tower records (im gonna buy puddle of mudd "come clean" cd)
4. Movies - The Labyrinth, Dead Poets Society, Breakfast Club, The Goonies, The Craft, Halloween, Childs Play, High Fidelity, The Craft, Saving Silverman, Dracula 2000, Blair Witch, Dangerous Liaisons, and i think thats all of them.
5. 4 plain black shirts (need to have something other than my rock tees.
6. Scott Cunningham "Wicca : a guide for the solitary practicioner (blah i cant spell)
7. 50$ phone card for my cell
8. Lots of batteries
9. Great friends that care
10. and 11 beers ( im on my 12th and still going strong..Yeah!!!)

And thats all i got i think. Well i actually didnt think about Heather alot today. I thought i would but i didnt. I thought about other things like whats in store for me next year and shit like that. Im getting my permit for sure next month. I just have to pass the test. Well im gonna get going now cause i have to be up early tomorrow cause i have to get a check cashed and i have to give it to my aunt at 7:30am.

See Ya

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wooo [25 Dec 2001|01:31am]

[ mood | excited ]

we did chrsitmas today...opened all my presents. heres a few things i could have just wet myself over

bettle juice alarm clock
sponge bob square pants fleece blanket
sponge bob calendar
nintendo 64..woo
mountain dew!! (im normally not allowed caffeine cuz my meds)
cloud sheets
thongs galore
and bath n body works shiznit! tons and tons!

well i hope everyone has a happy holiday. yippeee

my boyfriend is coming over on wednesday and crawling in bed with me and waking me up. oh i can't wait to see him i love him.
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Feeling down and a lil depressed :( ............ [24 Dec 2001|11:36pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Well in a lil while it will mark one year ago that Heather broke up with me. But you say to yourself tomorrow is Christmas, that cant be...Well its true. Heather broke up with me on Christmas day. Oh joy. That was so much fucking fun. I spend 9 hours on a grey hound bus to spend the holidays with her. Its fucking snowing by the time i get there. And when i get there i see her and i oh so badly wanted to hug the shit out of her. So i get her into my arms and then it goes down hill. " I have to tell you something... I cant be with you anymore cause i dont love you anymore".....Blah fucking bitch. There goes Christmas.... I wanted to just run and hide and cry. It hurt so much. And now that i look at it, it still hurts. I dont want to be alone for Christmas. I need someone. I cant take the lonliness. Next year im gonna find someone. Well i hope shes having a great fucking Christmas with her boyfriend....blah. I spent my christmas eve nice. I drank my ass off. Yay!!!.... And im gonna drink even more tomorrow. I dont give a shit what happens tomorrow. Im gonna try and not think about her. But when you have someone tear out your fucking heart and dance all over it its hard not to think about them. Well everyone im gonna stop boring you with my great Christmas last year. Good bye

Peace Love Empathy

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Heres my New Years Resolutions..... [22 Dec 2001|09:09pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

Things that i plan on doing in 2002....
1. I find myself to be rather ugly so of course changing the way i look should be numero uno
2. Really get serious about the Wiccan/Pagan religion. Ive had about 6 months of researching done so far so its about time i get serious cause frankly its a path that im interested in
3. Get into a relationship finally. Ive gone almost a year without someone and this loneliness blows the big one. So i want to get that together
4. Get my permit and license. Permit is coming in the begining of January cause i already have the money for it
5. Get a job. Hopefully if i can do my schedule for college right once again and i get a job based on my schedule i should be set.
6. With the job i can then get a car. Yay!!!
7. Hang out more with people that i dont hang with often.
8. Pay more attention with my college studies and whatnot. Ive been slacking off
9. Go to more concerts. I went to 4 this year so i want to double that.lol
Well thats all i can think of and since its still very early i will most likely come up with more shit but i am not gonna put it on here cause that is a waste of time. But my main focus i guess is definetly the girlfriend thing. I wouldnt say i want to settle down and have a family and shit but i want a girlfriend. Someone whom i can spend some time with and give my love to and hopefully in turn get the same. Its not much to ask for. Or atleast i dont think it is.

" Wow! The appropriate sparks are flying. Someone cue up the Power Ballad" - Gavin from the movie "Disturbing Behavior" I love that part of the movie. Its so awesome. Oh well i must go now. See ya

Peace Love Empathy

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life is strange yo. [21 Dec 2001|10:53pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

i had my boyfriend over all day. it was quite awkward though. i admitted to cheating on him with my ex lastnight. and i am actually surprised he still came over today. our day was okay. it started off with a little crying but got progressively better. and i went across the street and chilled with the crew for like 20 minutes maybe. my friend elyse was supposed to sleep here tonight but shes over across the street. and joelle was like "well she is gunna be here at 11 for my moms party whether you are or not". so she'll probably end up sleeping there. oo oo! my baby, matt gave me my christmas presents today. i hear car doors. i wonder if elyse and them are here. well i'm not getting up to check. hah. *curls up in a comfy ball* my room is chilly. but anyways matt got me the crazytown cd that i have wanted for a while and a giant candycane. a bunchy of stuff from bath and body works and a power puff girls book. hehe and for my bday he got me some weird stuff too. he's the best shopper for me though. probably cuz he knows me the best. i want to work on saturday night live when i grow up. you get to meet a new celebrity every week. but if britney spears was on i might have to murder her. a little bit. i need some pamrin. perhaps i will go find some. ta-ta

4 days til X-Mas ...Ho Ho Ho

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Just one quicky update on the journal here........ [21 Dec 2001|04:41pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

Well just a couple of things i would like to say..... I plan on putting my New Years Resolutions on here soon (before New Years duh!!!)....Hopefully i can stick to them. They arent so hard to stick with.. I want to wish everybody a Happy Holidays and New Years....I also want to say sorry to Christina...I feel like a total asshole for telling you how i felt and whatnot......Hope we are still friends.... I dont wanna lose ya as a friend. Well thats about it i guess... Must go back to wasting my life in lonliness

Buh Bye

As You Wish ...

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